At Ford AV, we specialize in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases with cutting-edge LG Direct View LED displays.

Create a dynamic welcome in your lobby that sets the tone for every visitor.

Deliver presentations with unparalleled clarity and impact in your auditoriums.

Foster collaboration and engagement in your meeting rooms, with the lights on and shades up.

LG Direct View LED Display

An LG Direct View LED is the perfect choice.

DVLED with brightness and clarity

Unmatched Brightness & Clarity: Dazzle your audience with vibrant visuals, even in bright environments.

DVLED that is immersive and engaging

Immersive & Engaging: Captivate your audience with dynamic content that creates a lasting impression.

DVLED that is scalable and flexible

Scalable & Flexible: Tailor your display to fit any size or shape requirement.

DVLED that is built to last

Built to Last: Enjoy years of trouble-free operation with LG’s reliable technology.

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